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Clarification is a sientific work, I try to make it understandable as possibile.
academic work means not to make thinks complicated. It means to make it understanable
for each - one.

A Major Heading of my work


A self - help - group is hard work with a lot of people. It is not to teach destructive habits, it is to force therapie.

Another art - design

My art is special, sometimes differantly, if I touch in one photo your heart, I do my work. Take a look and find the story, I tell with my work.

House managment

I keep a immobile not only clean, I look to take care about it. I look for function, services to the people as to house saving.

to carry out research

My search and reearch is in art, design, psychology, economic. I spend a lot of time for it, to find a practiable way and give the best as possible.

Another Major Heading

Here's a really big deal

Studienteilnehmer gesucht!

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Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung und Sexualität Was für einen Effekt haben sexuelle Situationen auf Personen mit Borderline? Sind Sie ein Mann zwischen 18-65 Jahren mit BPS? Dann nehmen Sie teil und helfen Sie dabei mehr Licht ins Dunkle zu bringen. (Dauer etwa 2 Stunden, Fragebögen + Erotikhörpiel) Für mehr Infos schreiben Sie eine Mail an:
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Borderline Personality Disorder and Sexuality What effect do sexual situations have on people with borderline? Are you a man between 18 and 65 years old with BPS? Then take part and help to bring more light into the dark. (Duration approximately 2 hours, questionnaires + erotic listening) For more information please send an e-mail to:
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include the human rights of Paris and the Nuremberg Codex
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